GO for Dryland Training at Sky Tavern
Saturday January 5th
Start time for all registered kids that have never skied or snowboarded is 10 AM
but arrive earlier please.
Enter the parking lot through the second entrance by Top of the Mountain Sports.
Bring the kid's gear. They will be on snow.
Certified & returning Instructors, thanks for making this happen!
The wind and snow is coming later, but right now the wind is at 2 mph. Lets get this done and get out.
While kids are being taught by the returning instructors and PSIA/AASI instructors, the new parents to the program can stay in the lodge and we will do a little orientation of how this all works and what is expected of the parents. Sky Tavern also needs more cleaning and setting up if you can help. I have been cleaning up after sledders for two weeks. Way behind.
Lots of questions can be answered right here atskytavern.org/FAQ
There are a lot of balls parents have to keep in the air with skiing kids and some answers of how to do that are here. Please read it all the way through, bus parent or a parent hauling the entire neighborhood to the hill.
Last week to get in on Sky Tavern at the current prices. Prices go up. on Jan 10th. Sky Tavern has snow. Get signed up. Get involved.
Sky Tavern still has rental gear available but getting close to done. Setting gear up most weekdays while the kids are out of school. Call first. There is also a few scholarship spots if you know someone that needs a little help.
Email the Moms at info@skytavern.com
The email for job positions is next week. Please watch for it. Sorry but it is long winded!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

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