Sky Tavern will be opening for sure this season. The first weekend for kid's lessons has been delayed because of this huge winter storm. (See the other email about that.) I really don't think the road will be in shape for buses soon, but lots of snow on the slopes! Watch emails and for the latest information. It is still snowing hard.
What follows is a short instruction manual for bus kids and their parents. Just some hints on how it works.
Bus Kids Instructions for Mom or Dad
What you need to know is first off if Sky Tavern is open on that Saturday or Sunday. This is the GO/NO-GO message. It can be found in your email, on the front page of the website, or by calling the office phone at 775 323 5125. We try to make the Go or No-Go call by 6:30 am each planned opening day. I have made the wrong call more than once but it is almost always based on weather. If we call No-Go then we try to make up that day later in the season. If we say No-Go on Saturday, Sunday may still be a Go.
The buses pick up and drop off at two locations, Wooster and Reed High Schools. The Wooster stop may get moved a few hundred feet to the elementary school right behind the Wooster ball fields. We will let you know next week. It just might be easier for the buses and kids with no gates.
To ride the bus:
  • A child must be registered as a bus kid with that badge unless a child of the bus supervisor.( If you don't have the badge yet it can be picked up at the front desk of the lodge. The kids can still get on the bus until they pick it up.)
  • To be registered as a bus kid they must be 9 years or older.
  • Their skis and snowboards must be in a bag to protect the bus from cuts.
  • They must be on the roster for that day by having purchased a ticket for the bus for that day and location. See below on how to do that.
  • Be nice. This is a privilege not a right. Being nice to the driver and bus supervisors can go a long way in life, please. The bus driver is a WCSD bus driver during the week doing a second shift for your kids. The bus supervisor is your neighbor.
  • Be ready at the pick-up location at the right time. We start the first week by saying 7 am. The bus supervisors and drivers may change it once everyone gets the system down. Watch the emails please!
Bus tickets. We started this system of buying each ride individually as opposed to buying all of the rides upfront for a few reasons.
  1. We needed to keep buses full. A bus with 10 kids in it costs the same as full bus for Sky Tavern. Sky Tavern lost $12,000 on the buses last season. Can't do that.
  2. Keeping buses full is good for winter. Sky Tavern needs to do its part on climate change. We like winter.
  3. Kids need to change days and locations. Baseball, soccer and music seemed to change kids schedules a lot.
  4. Some kids wanted to come both days every weekend. The old system just didn't let that happen.
  5. If you miss some days, you save.
To buy a ticket go to and click on Purchase Memberships - Members Portal. Then click 2019 Sky Tavern Memberships- Meal Passes. On the left side it says 2019 Bus Transportation. Now you should see the cartoon bus. Click to purchase the correct location and day. It charges the same card you signed up with. I will include a link and a reminder in each week's email. You need to purchase the tickets each week for each day and location you want to use and do it by Thursday night. We need time to get the list to Washoe County so they have the right number of buses at each location.
If you do not use the ticket that you purchased it is NOT transferable to the following week unless Sky Tavern cancels the day. So passes already bought this year will be good next week. When you click and buy a ticket, Sky Tavern pays for a bus if you show or not. Sorry.
At 2:30 we start rounding up the bus kids for the ride home. The bus will not leave until all the bus kids are accounted for. If you come up to the hill and pick up your bus kid PLEASE go to the front desk and sign them out just like a school field trip. If you don't, we will hold the bus and keep looking for your child.
Week 1. Buy a bus ticket. Have the kid at the bus location at 7 AM. All the gear in bags. Make friends with the bus supervisors. Kids should be back by 3:30 to 4. Don't forget to pick them up please.
Thanks. It is going to be a fun season.
Short cut to the bus ticket window.
Go to
for lots of helpful hints about Sky Tavern.
Just a little about gear.
Sky Tavern cannot set up rental gear opening weekend. There is just too much going on and the gear has been put back in storage. Plan ahead please! Sky Tavern teaches skiing with ski poles starting at age 6. If you rented gear at Bobos and they didn't include poles, you need to get some from them. 775 323 5125

Thursday, January 17, 2019

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