The plan changed, but still bring a shovel. Still no lessons. Because we are closer to being able to open than I thought we would be and because this snow needs to be skied for several reasons, we will turn on the Sky Ridge Chairlift Saturday. It will be a later start. Patrol has to say good to go and we need to get the lodge dug out and set up please. Then go play. Ski the 4 and 5 hills and back trail for a few hours please. It helps pack the snow so we have a long season.
The snow is good, but out off the groomed is no place for a kid or adult that doesn't have some experience. This is not a "I've skied once" or even a "3P kid" day. Upper level skier and boarders Moms, Dads, Kids. We don't need stuck kids. Lessons start next week for them. That will be the opening to a learn to ski program. It will be a long season.
Come help set up the lodge and maybe get your legs back under you for the first time this year. Must be registered to get on the lift. Call it a soft opening or what you want. Sky Tavern will get used as a ski area.
Rental gear is down under 5 feet of snow. If you need something shovel time required.
Sunday is adult and Jr.instructor clinics at 9 AM. Sky Ridge chair and Rocco running Sunday. 775 323 5125

Friday, January 18, 2019

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