GO for Doral Wed

  • 23rd February 2021
    Doral Academy Parents. Time to get started.   Thank you for partnering with Sky Tavern to put on a Wednesday afternoon program starting on 24 February. We plan to start lessons at 1 pm for ...
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Sunday, Feb 21. GO

  • 21st February 2021
February 21, 2021 6 AM   Yesterday I rolled the dice to say the skiing was going to be good at 10 am when at 5 am it was a wind-blown disaster outside. Today is easy.     It is as good as Sierra ...
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Saturday Feb 20. GO

  • 20th February 2021
February 20, 2021 6 AM   A giant leap of faith in NOAA.   I am saying the senior forecasters are off vacation from the last few weeks and that what they say about winds decreasing all day is true. Currently clear skies. A ...
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2/18 update. Kids on Lifts

  • 18th February 2021
February 18, 2021   Well, this is interesting. Believe it or not by seeing the content, I usually write these emails over a few hours, at night, with no barking dog or Moms looking for lost skis. ...
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