Saturday, March 20. GO

  • 20th March 2021
    Saturday, March 20th   The road is clear all the way to Sky Tavern. No wind and 23 degrees. It will be a very nice day.   The snow is great now but we are getting to that time of year when all it takes a few warm ...
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Week 7 Go so far

  • 19th March 2021
March 18, 2021, Week 7   We still have a few more weeks of skiing is the plan, so more hats will appear for sure. We wouldn't be the same without Mike!   5 PM. It is starting to spit snow that we ...
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Daylight Savings Time Go Sunday March 14th

  • 15th March 2021
          March 14th GO! So you are sitting in a still kitchen catching up on the happenings in the world, sipping coffee. You check your email and this shows up. "I am an hour late!" Me too. ...
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Go ski this weekend, March 12 update

  • 12th March 2021
Sky Tavern March 12, 2021   I am going to screw it up by saying this but it looks like Saturday is going to be a nice day, not a day where your googles get blown from your helmet. Knock on wood, ...
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The Winter

Sky Tavern The Winter

The ultimate goal of Sky Tavern is to get kids and families outside together, learning, sharing and enjoying a sport for life.

The Summer

Sky Tavern The Summer

In addition to the development of Sky Tavern cycling infrastructure, we are focused on our connector trail to the Tamarack Lake Connector (TLT) from the Sky Tavern base area.

The Lodge

Sky Tavern The Lodge

Located on the Mt. Rose Highway, 30 minutes from Reno is the oldest non-profit ski and snowboard training facility in America. Rich with history and charm, since 1948, the lodge is fully functional and able to provide the most memerable experiences.

The Mission

Sky Tavern is a nonprofit regional center providing exceptional summer & winter outdoor sports training, competitions, recreation & events accessible to all.

The Vision

Sky Tavern is a community asset that promotes a child's growth & success through exposure to outdoor sports and recreation, no matter the personal challenges.

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