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Oli's email

  • 5th January 2022
  Sky Tavern January 6, 2022 Snowboard Instructors       Oli Lieder is the head of snowboarding at Sky Tavern. He is a Level 2 with lots of knowledge and fun tools to get anyone ...
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Ski Instructor Orientation from Eric Ruud

  • 5th January 2022
  Sky Tavern January 6, 2022 Skiing Instructors       Eric Ruud is the head of snowsport training at Sky Tavern. He is a level 2 PSIA and has been with Sky Tavern since before our ...
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12/30 update. All About snow

  • 29th December 2021
Sky Tavern 12/30/2021 Going to try to update everyone quickly Snow has set us back. Not much has gotten done but dig out for a week, but there will be a season coming. All right, that pretty much sums it ...
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Snowmaking for Sky Tavern

  • 23rd December 2021
Please Donate Here Snowmaking at Sky Tavern   Since the earliest days of Keston Ramsey, snowmaking has been a need to keep the area self-sufficient and operating for everyone. A need to not disappoint kids that ...
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