SkyKids Registration is Closed!

SkyKids Registration Is Closed!
SkyKids is full. We can not except anymore 4 and 5 year olds, thank-you.

18th Dec 2017
Last Day Rentals @Sky Tavern Lodge

Last Day Rentals
@Sky Tavern Lodge

Dec 16 10am - 2pm
Sky Tavern 21130 Mt. Rose Hwy Reno

12th Dec 2017
Snow and the events at Sky Tavern

December 7, 2017 It is just a fact that everyone wants winter to start in December, including moi. It is also a fact it hardly ever does. We wanted to start some on snow training now, but still a bit thin out there. Creeks are still running and I do not want to have to pick up a soggy kid out of Washoe Lake.   All on snow training, ... Read More »

7th Dec 2017
Equipment Rentals Dec 9th

Equipment Rentals Saturday Dec 9th from 10am-2pm Keep saying that this is a sport that takes a bunch of stuff. Without that stuff no one gets to go downhill. Sky Tavern still has kid's rental gear and thanks to a donation from Powder House in South Lake Tahoe, we have more teenager and adult sized skis. If you need equipment, please come up to ... Read More »

6th Dec 2017
SkyKids Orientation Night

SkyKids Orientation Night Tuesday December 5th 6:30 PM in the California Building in Idlewild Park 75 Cowan Dr. Time to get it going for the little guys! The time when the parents of Sky Tavern’s smallest members get together to learn what is in store for them in 2018. How to teach, how to catch kids, how to set up and run a Dad powered ... Read More »

5th Dec 2017