Update Jan 26, 2018 - Saturday All Instructors Clinic At Sky Tavern

Saturday, January 27th, 9am start time All Instructor Training. For those signed up or want to be Instructors, Jr Instructors and CSI's. Also CJ and Kris will be here to get SkyKid parents that are going to be an on-the-snow SkyKid instructor started. If you are not instructing on the snow but are a SkyKid parent helper in the lodge, then ... Read More »

26th Jan 2018
Update Friday 19, Sky Tavern got a little snow but not open yet

  January 19, 2018 6 inches of snow last night It is a start, but not enough snow for an opening yet   I don't want to jinx it, but just maybe winter is coming to town. Thursday night was a little snow (6 inches) with more on the way,please? Fingers crossed. Right now ... Read More »

19th Jan 2018
Sky Tavern Update 12/12/18

  January 12, 2018 Its been better and it has been worse Still no skiing at Sky yet      I heard this last night on the news. "So not bad weather for November". Looks like the calendar is a bit off this season. The rain has finally stopped but not yet replaced by snow, adding in wind. The ... Read More »

12th Jan 2018
Adaptive Open House January 13th Sat 10 - 12

Sky Tavern

If you would like to be involved with the Sky Tavern program or know someone who would benefit from this program, come on up to Sky Tavern for a bit. We will have snacks and drinks.

10th Jan 2018
Waiting For Snow, No Opening Yet.

January 5, 2018 Just a fast note about this weekend. We are still waiting on snow, just like every other resort in the west to get open. It seems that all our snow went to Florida and the North East so far, but we put in a call to have them send it back. Looks like it is starting to show. They seemed kinda happy to get rid of it. To tell the ... Read More »

5th Jan 2018