Some info about Week 2 and a Board of Directors Meeting

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program   Week 2 down and it was a pretty sweet weekend. Powder, snow and sunshine. The bad news is that was the last Winter weekend of 2018. Guess we will just have to do some Spring skiing now.  Week 3 coming up! At the end of Week 1 Sunday I was trying to keep Moms from walking over the creeks  for fear of losing ... Read More »

19th Mar 2018
Sunday 3/18 Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program GO GO GO

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program GO GO GO No buses, so bum a ride 3:52 PM Saturday update. I guess today was so good we have to do it again on Sunday. Still snowing, kids are still out there going round and round. Snow might stop by morning. Might not. NOAA says mostly sunny Sunday. Good snow, sunshine. This will be the day you talk about all ... Read More »

18th Mar 2018
March 17 5:45 AM update, GO

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program GO GO GONo buses, so bum a ride 5:45 am Saturday morning update. Go. Sky Tavern is open but no buses. The road up is snow covered and chains or snow tires are required. I came up at wide open throttle in my 84 horsepower Jeep having fun. It is wide and plowed well. A few more inches fell last night but Glen has ... Read More »

17th Mar 2018
Sat and Sun GO! Planning on opening with all this snow but buses got cancelled.

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program A few more feet, not inches of snow! Sky Tavern is planning to open but Washoe County School District has cancelled all bus trips, not just ours, this weekend. Drive the kids up if you can. This is out of our hands, sorry. Someone get us our own buses! It feels a lot more like 2017 than 2018 up ... Read More »

16th Mar 2018
Saturday Week 1 was fun. Now lets do Sunday!

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program

SkyKids snake and all, today was a great Week 1 opening. It was fun and that is what matters.Good to go for Sunday, March 11. Get up here and ski. Go Go Go!
 If anything changes, we will let you know at 
6 am. 
Remember Spring Forward!!!!

11th Mar 2018
Help, Need Bus Supervisors

We have a couple of buses with no supervisors and need some help please, please, please!
O'Brien and Galena on Saturday and McQueen on Sunday. It is just counting kids. Not hard at all. Older kids have done it in the past. 
If you can help please call Drew 342 7769

10th Mar 2018
March 10th Week 1 Update

Week 1 GO GO GO Saturday and Sunday GO GO GO

10th Mar 2018
March 9th update. Opening Week 1

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program March 9th update Time to Ski and Ride! The scene this morning Not too bad. Little bit of wind and one broken snowcat.  Must be Week 1.    Time to get this going. Enough of this waiting. Sky Tavern is going to start Saturday morning and Sunday too. I will not make ... Read More »

9th Mar 2018
Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program

March 6th update It looks like it is going to happen!    It is hard to see in the picture, but there are 2000 different tracks through all that powder. Each one represents a smile.   Plan for March 10,11 as Week 1 opening. Our ability to wait for a bluebird weekend is gone. We need to ski, so ... Read More »

7th Mar 2018
Week 1 Bus Instructions

Life With The Bus Program Hello Bus Parents,   The plan is to open this weekend. We have snow and are getting more. Fingers crossed.   To be honest we didn't think opening was going to happen, so the testing of all this stopped but it did work back in January. I am sure there will be some holes we need to figure out, ... Read More »

6th Mar 2018