March 30. A free day of skiing

MARCH 30,2018 2018 Sky Tavern Members come up and ski free.    If you want to show this place to your neighbors, bring them. It will cost them a little money  $40 adults, $20 kids, Veterans are free   Rental gear will have to be from somewhere else, like Bobos, Slopestyle Sports or even Curtis' across the parking ... Read More »

30th Mar 2018
March 30, 31 and 1st

MARCH 29,2018 NOON UPDATE (The Moms gave me 7 minutes to write this before I had to get back to work getting this place ready for the weekend)     What a difference a week makes. At this time last week I was wading through waist deep snow to fire up the loader to pull cars out on the highway. Today 50 degrees ... Read More »

29th Mar 2018
So you can make some plans for the weekend

This is going to be a very fast note so parents can do some planning for the coming weekend. It looks like we have found enough help to open this weekend for Friday, Saturday and Sunday.    Friday 3/30, there will be no buses as of right now, and most likely just be open skiing. We will need help!!!!!!!! Kids will still want to eat and ... Read More »

27th Mar 2018
Sunday 3/25 Go. Come up and enjoy winter while it is here.

Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go March 25th update  5:30am. 18 degrees no wind and stars   Saturday was winter at Sky Tavern, but kids had fun and skied until the lifts shut down. Going to guess Sunday will be more of the same.    NOAA says to will be snowing a little and a touch of wind. We got about 2 inches of snow last night. Not enough to ... Read More »

25th Mar 2018
Sky Tavern will be open with mid-winter weather

March 23rd update    Sky Tavern is planning to open this weekend for Week 3. Watch for an email if something changes by Saturday or Sunday morning. Currently cold and cannot find a cloud, but that is going to change. Doesn't matter, the skiing will be great. It is a winter sport and why you have that very cool jacket! Come on ... Read More »

23rd Mar 2018
More Snow Last Night

A few more feet of Sierra Cement fell last night. It took an hour just to walk in from the highway, make a path and get the staff's 3 trucks full of this week's food unstuck. Digging out for another weekend of skiing and riding. Still snowing great big flakes. Not enough internet here for pictures. Maybe later. Bill

22nd Mar 2018
Some info about Week 2 and a Board of Directors Meeting

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program   Week 2 down and it was a pretty sweet weekend. Powder, snow and sunshine. The bad news is that was the last Winter weekend of 2018. Guess we will just have to do some Spring skiing now.  Week 3 coming up! At the end of Week 1 Sunday I was trying to keep Moms from walking over the creeks  for fear of losing ... Read More »

19th Mar 2018
Sunday 3/18 Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program GO GO GO

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program GO GO GO No buses, so bum a ride 3:52 PM Saturday update. I guess today was so good we have to do it again on Sunday. Still snowing, kids are still out there going round and round. Snow might stop by morning. Might not. NOAA says mostly sunny Sunday. Good snow, sunshine. This will be the day you talk about all ... Read More »

18th Mar 2018
March 17 5:45 AM update, GO

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program GO GO GONo buses, so bum a ride 5:45 am Saturday morning update. Go. Sky Tavern is open but no buses. The road up is snow covered and chains or snow tires are required. I came up at wide open throttle in my 84 horsepower Jeep having fun. It is wide and plowed well. A few more inches fell last night but Glen has ... Read More »

17th Mar 2018
Sat and Sun GO! Planning on opening with all this snow but buses got cancelled.

Sky Tavern Junior Ski Program A few more feet, not inches of snow! Sky Tavern is planning to open but Washoe County School District has cancelled all bus trips, not just ours, this weekend. Drive the kids up if you can. This is out of our hands, sorry. Someone get us our own buses! It feels a lot more like 2017 than 2018 up ... Read More »

16th Mar 2018