Update for Week 4

  Saturday looks good but way too warm for Feb 1. Sunday may not be so pretty. Colder and much more like winter. Go for Saturday and we will see about Sunday when we get closer. High on Saturday will ... Read More »

31st Jan 2020
SkyKids Weekend 4

Hello SkyKids Families! First, thank you all for all your hard work! All of us volunteers make this program work, we could not do it without all of your help!! Now on to business…. Please remember to bring your badges and wear them – both parents and kiddos. If you do not have your printed badge yet, make sure to get a temporary one at the ... Read More »

30th Jan 2020
Sunday Jan 26th GO

Week 3, Sunday January 26th GO!
The rain in town turns to a mix just below Sky Tavern and the temperature is forecasted to drop all day. The clouds start to break up at 9 am. No wind at the lodge at 5am. Lets do this!

26th Jan 2020
Week 3 Update

Week 3 is happening. Saturday GO   We will watch the wind for Sunday, but this storm does not look like much. Plan on skiing in some snow falling Sunday. If it gets nasty I will send out an email or just check out the Sky Tavern app.     Sky Tavern has new Smith ... Read More »

24th Jan 2020
Week 3 SkyKids Families

Hello SkyKids Families! For Week 3, we are good for snacks for now - thank you! We will let you know when we get low again.  We have a lot in lost and found, so please take a look if you are missing something. Make sure that all your kid's equipment is labeled clearly and that their name is on the front of their helmets. Thank you! The kids ... Read More »

24th Jan 2020
Reminder to get those bus tickets for Week 3

    Time to buy bus tickets. Just click on the bus to get it done!   Week 2 in the books! Week 3 coming up. Bus kids are doing a pretty good job getting to the buses on time. Thanks! Keep it ... Read More »

20th Jan 2020
January 19th Sunday week 2 GO

Week 2, Sunday GO!
The big issue this weekend has been lost gear. No one steals, but they do pick up the wrong skis and poles. Duct tape and a marker solve it all. And lost and found is overflowing with gear left at the end of the day. Come on up and make kids happy!

19th Jan 2020
Go Sat. Jan 18th

Week 2, Saturday GO! The road is clear all the way to Sky Tavern. The road control signs were not on even though the info one said chain controls. Drive up. The road will be busy because of holiday tourists going to Rose. Come ski.

18th Jan 2020
Update for Week 2

    Week 2 coming up. Looks good for the weekend plus we got around a foot of new snow!     Make sure everyone skis all day long with a buddy! Don't want to lose anyone in the powder or a tree ... Read More »

17th Jan 2020
Go Sunday Jan. 12th

Sunday January 12th
6 AM
Little wind right now. NOAA says increasing in the afternoon. Co; with 30 degrees the high. Dress in layers and find hot chocolate.

12th Jan 2020