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Client Name Joel Lindsey
Date Sep 10, 2022
Overall Testimonial The Sky Tavern ski and snowboard program is an excellent way to learn to ski/snowboard that is very inexpensive. My daughter learned to ski about three years ago. Seeing her confidence build weekly as well as year after year is amazing to see! Nice to be able to share the slopes with my child! We love the program and will participate in it for as long as we are able! Hope to get my youngest on the hill in a couple of years!
Overall Rating
Client Name Sean Whitney
Date Sep 10, 2022
Overall Testimonial I have been teaching snowboarding for 5+ years at this program and certified instructor for 2 years. You cannot find this program anywhere else in the world. Amazing program and honored to be a part of it.
Overall Rating
Client Name Ryan Ghan
Date Sep 07, 2022
Overall Testimonial What an awesome program, and I feel so lucky to live this close to Sky Tavern. It has been such a great way to get my daughter up on the hill and loving the snow!
Overall Rating
Client Name Tiffany Martell
Date Aug 08, 2022
Overall Testimonial This is our families 3rd year at Sky Tavern. I have a 10 yr old snowboarder and an 8 year old skiier. I absolutely love watching the confidence and independence that comes from getting up at the crack of dawn weekly and going to separate classes and figuring out how to get their bodies to cooperate with their equipment and get up and down the hills (lol). I cry at the end of each season and am filled with joy when I arrive for day 1 of the next.
Overall Rating
Client Name Stallar Jardine
Date Jul 28, 2022
Overall Testimonial It can take some time to get into the swing of things. Your role, what the kids are doing, & where you are most helpful. But as a complete novice when it comes to teaching, you pick it up quick becasue the kid's smiles, their excitement when they learn something new, & the celebration when they advance is so special! It all plays a part in why Sky Tavern is the place to be on the weekend. We are looking forward to our 4th year!
Overall Rating
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